Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Baby Bottles Revisited: What I Learned From My Babies

Bottles. Bottles. Bottles.
I feel like my little ones have taught me more than any site. So I wanted to update the initial article I wrote about our experience with bottles.


1. The Perfect Bottle Changes with Age

What you might like in a bottle as a caregiver, might not be the same thing that a baby likes in a bottle. 

And over time, their taste in bottles outweigh yours.
While babies may develop long-lasting tastes from their newborn stage, I find that many things change in regards to their taste in this staple baby product. 
The biggest change that I have seen has been going from a caregiver holding a bottle to a baby holding a bottle unassisted. This is huge and it puts all of the control into the baby's hands. 
Some babies might hold just about any bottle very well, but I have found that smooth silicone bottles were very hard for my baby to hold. 
The Comotomo bottle comes to mind here. My youngest now drinks out of it using the sippy cup pieces sold separately that include handles. While I loved how easy it was to clean it and how "modern" it looked,my little one liked the extra attachments and the BIG BOY sippy cup.
His favorite is still the Kiinde system bottle that is easy to hold. And I am of course the bad guy because we are heading out of our breastfeeding stage.

2. Bottles are Hard

Y'all. I'm getting so close to just using sippy cups. I can feel those extra minutes slipping into my morning routine. 
While lots of bottles available these days are easy to clean and don't include too many parts, bottles are still less convenient than sippy cups. Yes, they are against Montessori best practices, but sippy cups also help keep my home and my kids cleaner and drier than cups.
Back to bottles. The most complicated thing about bottles is using powder formula that goes into the bottle. The powder formula typically comes with a measuring spoon, but it only fits some bottles perfectly to avoid spillage. 
While the Mixie has helped my first son, I cannot use this bottle with my youngest for reasons...

3. Some Babies are Chuggers

One fun thing that I learned is that some babies are very aggressive chuggers and "cutting them off" with a bottle of smaller volume might be a good practice. (We have had multiple spit-ups from drinking too much too fast and even a few more extensive events.)

4. There are Things Babies Look for in Bottles 

If my baby had a chance to design his own bottle it would be easy to grip, light-weight, and would double up as a teething toy.

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