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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Baby Bottles: Plastic, Glass, and Silicone

Baby bottles can be hard to choose because they're not one size fits all and some are better than others for your situation and your routine. There are sooo many products on the market that you can’t try all of them out. 
I think I saw one bottle video that was super comprehensive, but most parents try a few bottles of interest that fit their lifestyles and then call it a day. There really are too many products out there. I wanted to share my experience hoping that it saves someone else a headache and a half.
I also added a small update that you can find at, Baby Bottles Revisited: What I Learned From My Babies

My bottle journey started before my two children were born. I had gone through the effort of creating registries and got a few free bottles as a result. These were the Philips Avent and the MAM bottles. I also reasearched systems that would enable me to be a good working parent moving forward and those that could grow with the child. 

My lifestyle is that I am a working parent who pumps to ensure that my child has an adequate supply for the entire work day from 9am-5pm. Other than that, I breastfeed my child and only leave a bottle for a babysitter on very rare occasions that are even far rarer now due to the quarantine.

I am not a minimalist by even the loosest definition, but I was a fan of having only a small supply of necessities, which while being lifesaving one moment, would be ignored and in the way once the child outgrew that stage.



     Lifefactory Bottle

     The first set of bottles that I wanted to love were the Lifefactory 4oz bottles. They were glass and the promise of the easy carefree cleaning, the cute silicone sleeve, and other functional attachments made these bottles exciting to use.

     They’re glass but come with a silicone sleeve. The sleeve comes in trendy colors. I had first purchased them in the reasonably gender neutral green and blue, but have noticed the last series of silicone sleeves more aesthetically appealing to me including the a coral, a teal, and a purple. They are easy to clean and sterilize. Their nipples are compatible with other brands. A variety of attachments are also available. I had tried: the nipples of different flows, the sippy cup attachment, and the caps.

     Their bottle thread is also the same as my standard breast pump container, so I could theoretically use it without waste as in the case of the kiinde system. It was heavy and required me to hold it the entire time, but it was an option nontheless. The caps (sold separately) allowed me to have a sealed container without worrying about decreasing the shelflife of my breastmilk.

     I ended up using them on playdates, at playgrounds, on long car trips, walks, daycare, everywhere. I had dropped them several times and so had my child. They were pretty solid and I am fully comfortable with thier construction.

     What ended up not working out was the sippy cup attachment once my child was interested in using straws, cups, and other sippy cups. He had a better time using a cup instead of this sippy cup, and we had moved  onto other products that suited my child's preferences better.

      If anyone at Lifefactory is reading this, I wish you would make an attachment for these bottles similar those for your waterbottles.

T   Evenflo Glass Bottle


     The next set of glass bottles that I have tried were the Evenflo (8 oz). I really wanted to like these glass bottles. I wanted to use them, but I only used them a few times before putting them on the shelf. Once or twice to be honest. They may be perfect for someone else, but I was working with a daycare that was not comfortable with glass bottles without a silicone sleeve and I could not find suitable silicone sleeves nor did I have the mental energy to make my own. My children also took smaller portions when they were younger and moved onto seeping small portions when they were older to feed themselves. 



     The Kiinde Bottle and System

     The biggest and only issue with the Kiinde bottle is that you cannot just get a Kiinde bottle by itself. It is a commitment. And to be clear, if you are a fan of leaving not trace or you do not plan on ever freezing your breastmilk, then you may not like this bottle or system.

     That's right. You buy an entire system including, at the very minumum, bottles that come with a slow flow nipples and nipple covers, and the pouches. It is these pouches that savey you time and stress in the long run!

     I am not sure if this brand could make it any easier to pump at work. These pouches are well made and can stand up on thier own after you fill their base with about an ounce of milk. They can be easily stored in the bottle structure without opening them and compromising the seal, or they can be directly frozen and thawed for immediate use without the need to transfer.

     The included nipples are wide and are shaped to reflect the design of the milk bag and bottle structure system more so than the child. That said, both of my children adjustted to these after one or two tries and never went back.

     The starter pack may retail somewhere between $30 and $40 dollars. I personally did not really use the stockpile structure, just the bags, attachments, bottle structures, and nipples. I have not nor do not plan on trying nipples from different brands using adapters so I cannot speak on that.

     I have tried the spoon and the squeeze pouch attachments and found that they were not the route I wanted to go for introducing purees to my children, but they would be valuable for someone who loves the pouch system and wants to adapt it long after the breastfeeding chapter has ended. 

  MAM Bottle

     I got the 4 ounce MAM anticolic bottle as a sampler. To say that it was great for small portions would be understating its pivotal role in my first few days as a mother. This bottle was a lifesaver during those first few days with my first child before my milk had fully come in and I was supplementing every feeding with one or two ounces of formula. This bottle was easy to wash and disinfect while sleep deprived in the middle of the night. 

     I love this bottle and would highly recommend it. The assembly is a bit involved, but you do get used to it.

Philips Avent Bottle     

     I love the Philips Avent bottle as well. It was also a freebie. I had replaced the nipples and I bought another bottle. It is easy to clean. I do think that I would have gotten more of these in this size if I did not breastfeed.

     Mixie Bottle  

     The next bottle that I have gone out of my way to try is the 8 oz Mixie formula bottle. It is made from mulitple necessary components and the effort in cleaning and assembling them is worth it if you are using formula. Otherwise, this is really not for you unless you might be adding rice cereal as a solid to the liquid. I have used this product and washed it extensively with my first child. It shows quite a lot of wear, but the mechanism still works. I have not used formula with my second child, but I can see doing so in the future especially if my circumstance changed and I had to rely on formula. This is perfect for anyone using formula.


Comotomo Bottle

Comotomo bottles were another great addition to my bottle collection. I did not have them with my first child and I was excited to try something new with my second child. They were great. My child who was not acustomed to bottles adjusted to them quickly and finished his bottles without a fuss. Honestly, I really like this early experience and I think I might invest in some of the transitional attachments so that I can use this bottle for longer.

This bottle does take some time to get used to. Due to its sleek design, some care givers have seen issues assembling and dissassembling these bottles for the first time. Don't let that stop you! The comfort of your child finishing every last drop of milk or formula is worth it.

I haven't tried the other silione bottles on the market, but perhaps I will be more open to them in the future. There are a few bottles that I was curious about. The first is the Boon Nursh because it is simlar to the comotomo. And the Nanabebe bottle--for the same reason. I think these bottles are great designs in concept, but cannot speak of my experience with them.

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